September  4th 2015

For anynone residing in North America looking to order the ORODRUIN / OLD TOWER – Keepers of the Ancient Flame split MC : today long time allies TOUR DE GARDE released a special NA edition of the split tape.

You can order it here:

The Shadow Kingdom version is sold out.

August 27th 2015

We are very proud to announce the upcoming release of the Visions Of The Shadow Kingdom DVD on the “The Shadow Kingdom” imprint!

The trailer is available here:

A 15 minute journey trough The Shadow Kingdom with an original dungeon synth soundtrack by Warden.

To be released in September 2015 as a regular DVD (limited to 100 handnumbered copies) and special edition boxset (limited to 10 personalised copies).
Pre-order your copy via

Join The Wanderer on his journey through the Shadow Kingdom.

July 28th 2015

Now available through Shunned House and Crude Form:

ORODRUIN / OLD TOWER – Keepers of the Ancient Flame split MC

A monument of pure and ancient dungeon synth. A tribute to olden times, where mystery and obscurity reigned supreme. A journey through lost landscapes where men have ventured before but rarely have returned to.

Released on the Shadow Kingdom imprint.

May 22nd 2015

The NIDHOGG 12″ WHITE edition now sold out.

Black edition still available for personal orders and wholesale.

March 27th 2015

NIDHOGG 12″ is out now!