Shunned House does not belong to any scene, doctrine or dogma. There is no ideology  to our cause other than to  cull that which consists of obscure and curious disposition and deemed of value to the investigative mind.

Shunned House focusses on quality and originality with short runs of MCs dedicated to those who both dare to thread outside their comfort zones; embracing the obscure, the adversarial and the unconventional, as well as those who look to fuel their feral, primitive and raw hunger; the acute, un-premeditated and instinctive essence of the timeless spirit.

Our projects are created or culled from the underground for those in want of black metal/-noise, punk, ambient, experimental or any other genre-defying dark audio, by those who hold no allegiance to anything but the self and for self-furthering indulgence.


Welcome or shun that which is presented!


You can contact Shunned House through : theshunnedhouse@gmail.com